Strawb Daiquiri Lip Balm!

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Your favourite daiquiri meets our super hydrating Pura formula. Balm up with our Strawb Daiquiri Lip Balm – here on for the summer season! A flavour suggested by YOU our customers.

Corresponding Strawb Daiquiri Lip Scrub is also available to purchase alongside our Strawb Daiquiri Lip Care Combo which contains both lip scrub AND balm.

WARNING! I contain Coconut Oil – unsuitable for sufferers of nut allergies.

Contains: Pure Coconut Oil, Olive Wax, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Flavouring.


After exfoliation, lather your lips in the balm and let its natural goodness get to work! Before you know it, you have achieved an admirably nourished, hydrated Perfect Pout!